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Welcome to Monkey's new home.

The previous site was home to some great free software, games, screensavers, fonts and tech news, which I'm sorry to say is no longer available due to a lack of funding.  
Thank you for all those who supported the site since 2005.

ServerInfo is still being maintained, as well as access to an archive of all of the old software previously available.

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See how this site has changed over the years.  It's like looking back at your 80's haircut!

Our (primarily animal themed) products are commonly also available as socks, aprons, hats, bags, phone cases, art prints, stickers, mugs, cups, bottles, mouse pads, laptops skins, pillow cases, totes, posters, canvases, duvets, curtains, bath mats, dog and cat mats, pet blankets, scarves, drawstring bags, notebooks, journals, clocks, acrylic blocks, coasters, blankets, tapestries, pins and masks.

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