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  CSM v3.30

CSM v3 sits in the system tray of each PC you want to administer.  

  Chat between PC's.

  Send many different forms of messages to other users on your network.  Send to a single person, or the entire network!

  Disable key features via global settings that you do not want a standard user to have access to.  The features can be changed depending on your company.  These features are then protected by a password.

  Use safeguards to prevent any accidental logging off or rebooting by other CSM users or administrators.

  PC Statistics which can be obtained remotely.

  Service Status can be used to keep all client users up to date with any problems.  This feature is customisable.

Key Standard Message Features
  Send text message via TCP/IP to any other client running CSM via their workstation name.
  Send "waiting" messages (messages stored on a server until user logs onto their PC) via the workstation or username.
  View your previously received message, and clear it for privacy.

Key Administrator Message Features
  Send a dialogue message (Error, Information, Warning or Confirmation box) to any username or workstation just like Standard messages.
  Send global messages to all users running CSM.  These messages appear as a thin banner across the bottom of the screen, just above the taskbar.
  Send TAB messages (Fixed messages that stay on the screen until the administrator clears them).  These can be used when advising users not to use their PC, as it is currently in use by the administrator.

Key CSM Administration Features
  Use customised startup scripts from CSM, that cannot be executed via a logon script.  Much more advanced and interactive, and you can still run any file from within it.
  Remotely run startup scripts.
  Remotely run applications.
  Remotely obtain status, start and stop Windows Services.
  Remotely log off a PC (Windows 2000/XP only).
  Remotely restart a PC.
  Remotely shut down a PC.
  Windows version of the classic "ping" command.
  Use a ping search range.
  Windows version of the classic "tracert" command.
  Remotely retrieve stats and CSM logs from a client PC.

Key Personal CSM Features
  Personal Note (accessed from anywhere if CSM is launched on a server). 
  Personal Todo List (accessed from anywhere if CSM is launched on a server).
  Personal Contacts (accessed from anywhere if CSM is launched on a server).


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