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Mad Monkey - More Info
  Monkey Tools v1.10

Monkey Tools is a set of utilities designed primarily to aid in the creation of scripts, but does include some GUI tools as well...

Command Line Tools

  shutdown2.exe is a tool that allows you to shutdown, restart, log off or lock your PC.

  geturltext.exe is a tool that retrieves all the text from a web page.

  wait.exe is a tool that pauses a script for a specific amount of time.

  associate.exe is a tool that allow you to add file associations for Windows.

GUI Tools

  iutil.exe is a tool that prevents more than one instance of any application you choose.

  appwarn.exe is a simple message box that displays a custom error message for your users.

  messagebox.exe is a console tool that allows you to bring up a number of different types of message box onto a Windows desktop.

  nocmd.exe is a tool that allow you to run a dos script without the contents of a command window (hidden).


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