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Mad Monkey - More Info
  Server Info (Beta)

Server Info is a desktop widget which integrates with the desktop background on a laptop, desktop or server.  The story behind the creation of this tool was made under frustration with the development of BG-Info which often needed additional configuration for remote desktop users in order to see it, particularly for servers running 2012 or later.  The tool doesn't just integrate with the desktop, but provides additional customizable features, some of them aimed towards the average desktop user, but primarily to help standardize, provide information and to aid in the administrative tasks of server administrators.

The "ServerInfo.exe" can be dropped into the startup folder, and will provide the default information similar to the above image.

A separate tool "ServerInfoConfiguration.exe" is used to customize the features of the desktop widget, which can be changed depending on the level of access, which is particularly handy if used on Terminal Servers, or other systems where not administrative users may access.   The software can also help to brand systems using customized text, such as "This is Contoso Managed Server" for example.


Key Optional Features

  Complete customization of widget small and large text, including variables (see below) and colour scheme.

  Override desktop background.

  Customize menu options, display to all users, administrators only, or nobody.

  Easily create a registry file to aid in your deployment.


  Windows XP / 2003 Limits in functionality
  Windows Vista / 2008 Minor limits in functionality
  Windows 7 / 2008 R2 Compatible
  Windows 8 / 2012 Compatible
  Windows 8.1 / 2012 R2 Compatible
  Windows 10 / 2016 Compatible

  %ServerName%  Computer or Server name 
  %OS% Operating System name
  %UserName% Logged on user name 
  %Domain% Domain or Workgroup name
  %InternalIP% Internal IP address of local adapter
  %MAC% Internal MAC address of local adapter 
  %ExternalIP% Perceived external IP address
  %ISP% Perceived ISP of this connection 
  %BootTime% Date/Time of last boot 
  %UpTime% Total time this system has been up (hh/mm/ss)
  %NoCPU% Total number of physical processors
  %NoCores% Total number of cores 
  %CPUusage% CPU utilization (example 76%)
  %CPUusageGR% CPU utilization in graphical format
  %CPUname% Name of CPU 
  %MBname% Motherboard Make/Manufacturer
  %MBmodel% Motherboard Model number
  %MBserial% Motherboard serial (or service tag for Dell systems) 
  %DiskSpaceAll% Total disk space for all drives
  %DiskSpaceAllGR% Total disk space in graphical format
  %DiskSpaceC% Total disk space of C: only 
  %DiskSpaceCGR% Total disk space of C: in graphical format
  %DiskSpaceD% Total disk space of D: only 
  %DiskSpaceDGR% Total disk space of D: in graphical format
  %DiskSpaceE% Total disk space of E: only
  %DiskSpaceEGR% Total disk space of E: in graphical format 
  %DiskSpaceF% Total disk space of F: only
  %DiskSpaceFGR% Total disk space of F: in graphical format
   %MemoryUsed% Total memory utilization (example 12%) 
  %MemoryUsedGR% Total memory utilization in graphical format
   %TSsessions% Total number of Remote Desktop / Terminal Services sessions
   %TSdisconnected% Total number of disconnected RDP sessions 
  %TSactive% Total number of active RDP sessions 
  %type% Type of server, physical, VM-Ware virtual machine, or Hyper-V virtual machine. 

Please Note: This software is the initial beta release, so please use the contact us link to let us know of any issues you may find.


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